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An Exciting Mathematics Prize


 The Shaw Foundation

from Hong Kong

Announcements from Hong Kong

  George Lusztig,  Massachusetts Institute of Technology

  David L. Donoho, Stanford University

  Maxim Kontsevich, Institut des Hautes Études Scientifiques and University of Miami

  Demetrios Christodoulou, ETH Zurich
Richard S. Hamilton, Columbia University

  Jean Bourgain, Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton

  Simon K. Donaldson, Imperial College, London
Clifford H. Taubes of Harvard University

  Vladimir Arnold, Steklov Mathematical Inst., Moscow
Ludwig Faddeev of Petersburg Dept. of Steklov Inst. of Mathematics

  Robert Langlands of the Institue for Advanced Study, Princeton
Richard Taylor of Harvard University

  Wu Wentsun of Chinese Academia Sinica
David Mumford of Harvard University

Andrew Wiles of Princeton University
for his proof of Fermat's Last Theorem.
Wiles completed his proof in 1994.  Shortly thereafter he received a
MacArthur Fellowship and several other prestigious awards.  These include
the Wolf Prize, the Royal Medal of the Royal Society, London,
the Ostrowski Prize, and awards from both the
U.S. and Swedish Academies of Sciences.

Shiing-shen Chem of Nankai Univesity in Tianjin, China
for his role in developing global differential geometry.

The Shaw Prize honors individuals, regardless of race, nationality and religious belief, who have achieved significant breakthrough in academic and scientific research or application, and whose work has resulted in a positive and profound impact on mankind.

The new Shaw Prize consists of three annual awards:  the Prize in Astronomy, the Prize in Life Sciences and Medicine, and the Prize in Mathematical Sciences. 

Each prize carries a monetary award of US $1 million.

To our knowledge, this is the largest award in mathematics.  The adjudication process is to begin in June each year.  The winners are to be announced and the prizes presented in June and August of the following year.  The first awards were made in Summer, 2004.

One may assume that in naming the prize "Mathematical Sciences" the Shaw Foundation has chosen to identify a broad category with some flexibility.  Over time, future committees may want to expand the definition of "mathematical sciences."    The mission statement clearly implies that applied mathematics will be considered.

Founder's Biographical Note: Sir Run Run Shaw passed away on January 7, 2014 at the age of 106.

Sir Run Run Shaw was born in China in 1907.  He is a native of Ningbo County, Zhejiang Province.  He joined his brother's film company in China in the 1920s.  In the 1950s he founded the film company Shaw Brothers (Hong Kong) Limited.  He has been Executive Chairman of Television Broadcasts Limited in Hong Kong since the 1970s.  At times this has been the busiest movie studio in the world, employing over 1,200 actors on 46 acres in densely crowded Hong Kong.

Mr. Shaw has also donated hundreds of millions of dollars to two charities, the Sir Run Run Shaw Charitable Trust and The Shaw Foundation Hong Kong Limited, both dedicated to the promotion of education, scientific and technological research, medical and welfare services, and culture and art. 

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